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Well, the seedlings all died. I don’t know what happened. They were thriving in the window, we went out of town, it rained, and finally when it was looking like a good time to plant the little buggers, they died. When the were looking malnurished I planted them in my kid’s wagon thinking they needed some new rich soil to expand their roots. The next day they were not with us anymore.

On to Plan B, not that there was ever a plan B but now we are going to plant seed directly into the soil and we’ll have to buy a few plants like tomatoes and peppers.

If you happen to know what happened to my seedlings, please let me know. I am baffled.

Have a great weekend everyone. If you have time, you might search on SRI growing methods for rice. I’m going to use those methods for the garden whenever and wherever applicable to see if it makes a difference.


So after moving all that dirt I had to take some time off. Pathetic, I know!
The great thing about a garden, is that it continues to grow even when I am sleeping or sitting on the couch! The seedlings are doing well. Some plant are really thriving while some are just barely alive.

He's the little jungle, soaking up the sunlight.

Here's the little jungle, soaking up the sunlight.

So I’ve heard that it may be a little overboard, but I created spreadsheet to map our mini greenhouse and then another scaled spreadsheet to show the garden area in the backyard and the approximate space each plant will occupy. It is hard to show you the spreadsheet but here are some screenshots to give you an idea of what I’m talking about.

The first sheet just details what we have in the mini greenhouse because I don’t have any labels except on the outside of the bottom tray labeling Cell A1 and Cell F12 cooresponding to the spreadsheet.

The next sheet is scaled to where each cell is 1 inch by 1 inch representing 1 foot by 1 foot in the garden area, then I took the approximate square footage each plant will occupy in the garden to create the circles and ovals. Shading the garden area green, I then placed the circles and ovals inside the garden area in a somewhat organized manner to see if it all will fit. One of our constraints is the square-footage of the garden because our backyard is nothing but solid red clay and we have to bring in dirt. And contrary to popular belief, dirt is not cheap!

Using the spreadsheet has been helpful in helping us plan the amount of dirt to bring into the backyard and maximize the vegetable yield.

Used to keep track of our seedlings in the mini greenhouse

Used to keep track of our seedlings in the mini greenhouse

Used to show each planting and plan the dimensions of the garden

Used to show each planting and plan the dimensions of the garden

Ok, so here are my little seedlings! I’m so proud. They are growing so fast!

So, I finally took pictures for the blog tonight. I should have them posted tomorrow.

As mentioned on the ‘About’ page, I’m growing a garden in the middle of suburbia to feed my family good foods and hopefully we can all learn something about horticulture, economics, and community. Right now I have sprouts in a mini greenhouse germinating as I ready the planting area in the backyard which should be ready for planting next weekend.

So far, I have planned out the area using a simple spreadsheet which I will be sharing soon (once I figure out how to do that!). Becky purchased and planted the seeds in the mini greenhouse. This last week, I called around getting prices for all the materials that will be needed for the planting area.

I’m going to walk through each of those in detail once I get some time. For now, I’m calling it a day. Have a great new week!

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