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Well, the seedlings all died. I don’t know what happened. They were thriving in the window, we went out of town, it rained, and finally when it was looking like a good time to plant the little buggers, they died. When the were looking malnurished I planted them in my kid’s wagon thinking they needed some new rich soil to expand their roots. The next day they were not with us anymore.

On to Plan B, not that there was ever a plan B but now we are going to plant seed directly into the soil and we’ll have to buy a few plants like tomatoes and peppers.

If you happen to know what happened to my seedlings, please let me know. I am baffled.

Have a great weekend everyone. If you have time, you might search on SRI growing methods for rice. I’m going to use those methods for the garden whenever and wherever applicable to see if it makes a difference.


I forgot to mention I set up a Facebook group for everyone to join and share updates on how their gardens are blooming. The group name is suburban gardeners.

Here I am at The Home Depot getting some wood for the borders. Who says you have to have a truck to grow a garden? Leave it to The Suburban Gardener to pick up supplies with a convertible!

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