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Here is the garden.  I took some 2X12′ boards 10 feet long and made this raised bed.  It was really simple to make, just takes some time.  Using some galvanized connectors from The Home Depot and 1 foot long cut-offs, I made the joins and filled it with dirt. 13 Tons of it!  100 wheelbarrows full! Actually it wasn’t as bad as you would think.  I had a little help too. 

I know that many people like to make their beds fairly narrow for easy planting and harvesting without stepping into the garden. I plan to just lay some wood planks or stepping stones down for easy travel in the garden.  

Over the last few weeks, I have met so many first-time gardeners. I hope they all join the Suburban Gardeners Facebook group and share their stories, methods, failures, and successes so we can all learn from each other. I want to see pictures of your gardens!

30' X 12.5'

30' X 12.5'


I forgot to mention I set up a Facebook group for everyone to join and share updates on how their gardens are blooming. The group name is suburban gardeners.

This was supposed to be the groundbreaking weekend for the garden but strangely it is snowing!

And I’m in bed with a nasty headache. It all will have to wait until next weekend. Oh well, that will give me time to plan the dirt work.

I have found many people that I know either have a garden or are starting one. There seems to be quite a few sleeper gardeners out there! Come out! Let yourself be known! Sign up at
Or the suburbangardeners group on Facebook.

Have a good weekend everyone.

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