I just finished moving 13 tons of dirt from the front yard to the backyard. I feel accomplished! Saturday I built the raised bed, moved 10 wheelbarrows of dirt. Sunday, I moved approximately 70 wheelbarrows, and tonight I finished it off with 20 loads. That is a lot of work!

I’m tired and going to sleep. I’ll fill you all in tomorrow with a real post with pictures.

Before I drift off, Butler Brothers provided me the dirt for a good price and didn’t charge a thing for delivery. I highly recommend using them for all your dirt needs. I also have to give props to my daughter for being such a big help. She was amazing! And a special thanks to Cody for his help and hard work. He’s getting the second watermelon harvested. I hope it is a good one.

Martin nature park is offering a demonstration on composting and rainwater capture systems on April 25th. I would highly recommend learning how to do both. Unfortunately, I can’t make it that day but if someone will video it, I’ll post it on the blog for all to see.