Starting a garden can be a fun project for then entire family. It can also work for many people no matter how much space you have to work with because you can customize your garden to any environment. Also, in some places, you can find community gardens that are unused spaces converted to a garden that is usually divided into sections for families to each have their own space.

It doesn’t have to be very big to yield a ton of vegetables. A friend recently informed me that you can feed a family of four with a garden of 50 square feet. I wish someone would have told me that before I went overboard!

My planned garden is 30ft by 12.5ft but most of the space is for watermelon and cantelope, both of which need lots of space.

I looked at the seed packages and if it said the spacing was 5′ by 6′ then I would assume that the plant needs 30 square feet to grow. Now, I’m looking at that again and I’m not sure if I’m using those spacing recommendations correctly. If you have any idea on how to interpret those, please let me know.